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Understanding Bankruptcy in Texas

May 10, 2021

Job loss. Divorce. An unexpected medical expense. A battered economy. Identity theft. Any of these events can trigger financial challenges that can lead to bankruptcy. Suddenly, you're staring at a stack of unpaid bills and wondering if there is a way to save your home and your future. I'm here to tell you that there is.

Bankruptcy Can Help You Move Forward

My goal at Swindell Law Firm is to help you regain your financial footing. I guide you through the bankruptcy process, answering questions along the way. I have heard every scenario and I won't be shocked by the details of your case. I do not judge you based on your financial issues and I understand that bankruptcy can happen to good people. Do not let this unfortunate financial situation define you and your family's future.

Are You in Serious Debt?

If you owe way more money than you can ever hope to pay back, Swindell Law Firm wants you to know that bankruptcy is a solution that can help you get back on track. I want you to know that bankruptcy isn't "the easy way out." Bankruptcy is the responsible thing to do. The bankruptcy attorney at Swindell Law Firm in Amarillo, TX is here to help you be responsible for making a better future for you and your family.

Credit After Bankruptcy

Many people think that after they file bankruptcy they won't be able to acquire credit ever again. No credit for a car. No credit for a new home. This is just not true! In fact, if you're in a position of considering it, bankruptcy will likely help you re-establish credit. Can you get credit after bankruptcy? Yes, you can!

Bankruptcy Is a REAL Solution.

If you're even considering bankruptcy then you're deeply in debt. You owe way more than you can pay or earn in any meaningful amount of time. The truth is when you're in severe debt you either already can't get the credit you need or you're about to be denied the credit you need.

Bankruptcy may help you eliminate your debt once and for all. Lenders who wouldn't dare loan you money in your severe debt situation will very likely loan you money post-bankruptcy as long as you show no further negative activity. It's true! Most car companies will loan money to someone six months after bankruptcy and home lenders consistently contact my office for lists of people one year out of bankruptcy.

Why? Because they're smart. They know that people that have been through bankruptcy are 5 times less likely to default on a loan than people who haven't been through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the right and responsible thing to do. Lenders are looking for that kind of responsibility.

Bankruptcy Laws Can Put
You Back in Control of Your Life.

The purpose of bankruptcy laws is to help you, not hurt you. I understand that it is a very difficult decision to file for bankruptcy, but I want to assure you that you are doing the right thing for yourself and your family. At Swindell Law Firm, I handle Chapters 7, 11, and 13.

I do only one thing: make bankruptcy work for you.